789win Cockfighting: Attractive – Dramatic – Top Value

What should you note when participating in cockfighting at 789win?

789win cockfighting is always highly appreciated by many people on the market today. That’s right, the fighting scenes are always watched by a large number of cockers and participate in betting. The cockfighting betting lobby system at bookmaker 789win also ensures safety and transparency in the gameplay so you absolutely do not need to worry. Here!

Overview of 789win cockfighting hall

789win cockfighting is considered one of the top halls to attract members here. It is estimated that every day there are more than 200,000+ new visits to the top attractive cockfighting categories. Along with that top appeal is the quality and thoughtfulness from the experts and the betting hall in general.

Referring to the cockfighting section, one must praise the house for its thoughtfulness in each service. New players absolutely do not need to worry about operations because there is support for new features on the screen. At the same time, this also makes betting easier and faster.

From that thoughtfulness and meticulousness, this place has welcomed a huge number of customers to experience. This also enhances the brand’s position in the international arena and has a vision for the further development of the cockfighting system.

Learn more about the attractive cockfighting hall
Learn more about the attractive cockfighting hall

Types of cockfighting available at 789win

There are many types of cockfighting at 789win, when you visit, you will easily choose. Take a look at a few types as follows:

Popular form of cockfighting
Popular form of cockfighting

Cockfighting with iron spurs

Iron spur cockfighting is a form in which the owner will tie an iron spur to the leg of the fighting cock. From there, the chicken will go out into the field and use that iron spur as a convenient weapon, completely able to defeat the opponent as quickly as possible.

In the match that took place on May 26, 2024 in Thomo, Cambodia, within just 3 minutes, the opponent’s fighting cock was defeated. The fighting cock uses an oblique kick and a sharp iron spur to defeat his opponent.

Cockfighting with round spurs

Besides iron spur cockfighting, in 789win cockfighting, round spurs are also one of the equally popular forms. If the iron spur can defeat the opponent in one fell swoop, the round spur will pierce the opponent’s parts, causing them pain and easily losing strength afterwards.

For example, in the battle between Meron and Wala on May 28, players will see two fighting cocks rush into each other, Meron immediately struck with his round spur. Although Wala cannot be defeated quickly. However, it also caused the fighting cock to feel pain after a few attacks. The result of 789win cockfighting was as expected, Meron won spectacularly in that match.

Cockfighting with round spurs
Cockfighting with round spurs

Traditional cockfighting

Another form that is equally attractive when it comes to the 789win cockfighting lobby is traditional cockfighting. In this way, no iron spurs or round spurs are tied to the legs, but the two fighting cocks will compete fiercely together.

In this form, there will usually be extremely fighting chicken lines participating such as American chickens, Noi chickens, Hatchets, etc. They will not disappoint your viewing experience and cockfighting bets.

Note when participating in 789win cockfighting

If you want to win in your games, don’t ignore the experiences shared by veteran cockfighters:

  • Analyzing the cockfight: As the match between Meron vs Wala took place in the example above. If you want to know which fighting cock to bet on, you need to analyze the match as accurately as possible.
  • Betting review: Experts from the 789win cockfighting lobby also gave different comments about the fight, which you can refer to.
What should you note when participating in cockfighting at 789win?
What should you note when participating in cockfighting at 789win?


Although the house does not invest too much in image or marketing, the 789win Da Ga lobby is always highly appreciated. Quickly register to explore attractive betting options and follow cockfighting today.


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